Asymmetric Research Group, LLC is committed to providing a pure and unbiased approach to conducting analysis of current global events and all available data while continually applying lessons learned in order to best inform our military, government, and private sector customers and to empower them with the most comprehensive understanding of how all data, events, and other factors will likely impact their current and future operations, missions, and goals or end states. 

Lines of Effort

Worldwide Reach


Financial, OSINT, Intelligence Analysis & Training

OSINT-Environment ®
OSINT-Environment ®

Support to Operations & Exercise Improvement

Social Media
Social Media

Exploitation & Analysis


  • All Source Intelligence Integration & Analysis

  • Custom-Tailored Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) & Social Media Analysis Support

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) & Risk Management (Cyber & Physical Threat)

  • Financial & Fraud Investigations

  • Operations, Event & Incident Management

  • Improving Disaster Readiness & Response

  • Subject Matter Expertise & Expert Level Training